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Chica the Desert Donkey

Chica the donkey

Born in the Usury Mountain Regional Park, Chica loves to walk the trails, keeping a close eye out for mountain bikers. She loves to bray when they come through. Her favorite way to relax is a good game of backgammon, sipping thistle wine and watching the sunset over the desert.

Elsa the Northern Loon

Elsa the Loon

Elsa is a fastidious dresser and loves the drama of being naturally black AND white. Her earliest memories are swimming underwater with her younger sister, seeing who could sneak up on the turtles and make them fall off the logs. She and her sister would laugh when the turtles would splash into the water.

Stella the Desert Tortoise

Stella the Desert Tortoise

Stella was born on the edge of the desert oasis. Her mom had buried her egg clutch in an unused fire pit, deep under the collected ash. When Stella climbed out, she made fast progress in the soft ash. She slipped into the water, making sure to stay close to the shore. She still lives near that same spot, eating soft sprouts from the shore plants and sunning on a tree root.

Hoppy the Desert Hare

Hoppy the Hare

Hoppy is fast. Hares are fast, but Hoppy is the fastest. She has big ears and a keen sense of hearing, but her outstanding feature is her speed. She loves to race other jackrabbits, but her real challenge is to keep up with her friend the falcon. Hoppy usually gets beat, but she loves the wind in her ears as she runs. When she has run as fast as she can, she loves to sit on her own and sip dandelion tea to relax and rest.

Ginger the Gila Monster

Gilly the gila monster

Ginger was bred in captivity in the backroom of a reptile store in Phoenix. Once she got big enough to be out on her own, she escaped from captivity and walked her way into a lush backyard in a gated neighborhood on the east side of Phoenix. She lives there now, and loves to sit by the pool, getting to know the other household companions and eating scraps from the grill top.

Mrs Norris the Maine Coon Cat

Mrs Norris the Maine Coon

Mrs Stevens runs a boarding house on the river bank. She serves breakfast at exactly 7:30 am. Once breakfast is cleared, she dusts and vacuums the house. Then she can stroll into town to catch up with her friends for tea and a game of checkers.

Alice the Red Fox

Alice the Fox

Alice was born with 4 other sisters. She learned early on how to scrap and wrestle to get food and attention. She ended up working as an acrobat with her sisters, getting a van and touring along the Canadian-US border. She would climb to the top of a pyramid of her sisters, and leap off into the air, doing somersaults and twists. They'd get paid in popcorn, soda and would fall to sleep under the stars snuggled together for warmth and love.

Ramona the Road Runner

Ramona the Road Runner

Ramona's first memories are hazy. She remembers blowing dust, grit in her eyes, and loud noises. Once the dust cleared, all she could see was dry grass and rocks. She was hungry and found small beetles and berries. Eventually, she found a friend who was a hare. The two of them made a homes side by side underneath a large Saguaro cactus. They live there now, enjoying runs and races, snacks of cactus and bugs, and doing cactus needlepoint.

Chic'ya the Llama

Chic'ya the Llama

Chic'ya is the youngest of 7 children and loves sipping dark, rich coffee all day long. This does make her a bit jumpy, but she doesn't mind. She works for a local farm taking care of the spinach and kale. She gets paid in produce which she makes into a delicious salad for her dinner.

Kia the Kelpie

Kia the Mythical Kelpie

Kia is one of a few shape-changing aquatic spirits that live at the bottom of the Loch. Her ancestors were known to steal children from the shore and take them down to the bottom to drown, but Kia has sworn that off as archaic and barbaric. She spends her time instead keeping company with Nessie and playing hide and seek with tourists, who are desperate to get pictures of the two of them. Her favorite time of day is at dawn, when the sun comes up over the horizon and warms her scales as she floats on the surface.

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