Sculpture Classes

Theresa is available to teach you or your group to create 3D sculptures from clay, with tips on how to create your animal, prepare the sculpture for firing and glazing techniques. Classes can be held at your location.

Classes are scheduled to allow build time, slow and careful drying, bisque firing and then a follow up glazing demonstration. The schedule can be created with two half days or one whole day for building, and a subsequent followup after the pieces are bisque fired.

Example schedule:

  • Day 1 9am - 12 - Build time
  • Day 2 9am - 12 - Build time
  • Day 3 9am - 10am - Glazing demonstration

Tools and Clay Needs

  • Turntable/Banding Wheel
  • Ware Board
  • Scratch Wire Brush and Snaggle Tooth Scoring Tool
  • Metal Rib
  • Magic Water/Slip
  • Slip Brush
  • Sculpture Clay (5-7 pounds depending on design)
  • Modeling Tools
  • Smooth Surface Clay Paddle
  • Needle Tool
  • Sponge for smoothing

Glaze Needs

Any glaze can be used to complete the sculptures, provided you take clay and firing temperatures into account. For many of the pieces that I create, I use Mayco Fundamental Underglazes which are semi-transparent and allow the colors to be layered. I also use specific matte and shiny clear glazes. I have included these below for your information, but you may choose to use any glazes you have on hand.

Theresa's Glaze Recommendations

  • Mayco Fundamentals to layer, in colors to match your animal vision.
    • UG-30 Sand
    • UG-31 Chocolate
    • UG-32 Cocoa
    • UG-34 Chestnut Brown
    • UG-67 Ivory
  • Amaco Velvet Underglazes for solid color as needed.
    • V-304 Straw
    • V-360 White
    • V-366 Teddy Bear Brown
    • V-370 Velour Black
    • UG-31 Chocolate
  • Mayco SW 002 - Stoneware Matte Clear
  • Amaco HF-9 - Zinc Free Clear

Leisure World Class held in January 2024

Mrs Norris the Maine Coon

Email to find out what's available or to suggest a favorite animal that you think would make an awesome sculpture!